Day 3

July 29, 2019

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Returning to education.

I belong to two professions where everyone is "educated". The temptation (no matter what one does for a living) is to pass off that education as if it were intelligence.  More comedo-tragic is the expense of education; the more one spent on a degree the more educated / intelligent one is. 

In law school, for example, every contracts student reads Hawkins v. McGee ("hairy hand"). Does anyone believe it is taught any differently at our many law schools? Limiting your incoming class and then charging accordingly for an air of higher learning is all too simple.

It's made easier for academe and lawyers to self-congratulate as they are really congratulating themselves for being so much smarter than others.

I do not know (nor can I) the percentage of intelligent within the ranks of these two professions but I have to wonder if it is higher than in other walks of life.  On the surface I have to agree that higher learning attracts more intelligent people. What I don't know is to what degree.

Once wrapped in a cloak of superiority these people assume they know what's best for you. Sad but true.